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Barry Levinson talking about his latest film!

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Could Isopods In Our Drinking Water Actually Happen?

Here's why I am actually scared of the premise of this new Barry Levinson film "The Bay" about mutant isopods in our drinking water:

Let me begin with chicken shit. There happens to be a major problem with chicken factories today. In Maryland, every year, 300 million chickens are raised. That's right, 300 million. Now, what do they do with the chicken shit? Many of the chicken factories DUMP IT IN THE BAY. If not directly, then they let it sit NEXT to the Bay, until it slides in on its own...In fact, chicken shit is such a logistical headache for many of these factories that it appears they expressly bought their land on the water's edge so that it can conveniently dissolve away while nobody is looking. Care for a swim?

And that is only the beginning. I started looking into the Chesapeake Bay because, yes, my favorite freakish mouth leach from hell was found there this past year. Should isopods be in brackish water like the Chesapeake? It's not clear. They should be in ocean water. However, there they were, in what looks potentially to be a new mutant variety!

Why would there be new mutant forms of sea life in the water? Well, one possible reason could be due to the NUCLEAR RADIATION that has been leaking into the water. Yup. Here's a report from the Baltimore Sun: “While authorities are struggling to contain leaks of highly toxic plutonium into the soil at the stricken Fukushima Da- ichi plant in Japan, a report released today by Maryland PIRG says there've been more than two dozen incidents of ground-water contamination at US nuke plants - including one at Calvert Cliffs in southern Maryland. "At least one out of every four U.S. nuclear reactors (27 out of 104) have leaked tritium – a cancer-causing radioactive form of hydrogen – into groundwater," the Maryland PIRG report says.

But wait, there's more! The Chesapeake is also home to MASSIVE TOXIC GENE-CHANGING PESTICIDE RUNOFF. Here's a quote from a Federal Government White Paper: "In a study of Chesapeake waters in 2004, researchers detected atrazine in 100% of water samples taken at sixty different stations spread across five different Bay tributaries " That's right, it's in 100% of the water. They kept trying to find some water without it, but they couldn't. FYI, here's a description of Atrazine by the NRDC: "Banned in the European Union and clearly linked to harm to wildlife and potentially to humans, the reproductive effects of atrazine have been seen in amphibians, mammals, and humans-even at low levels of exposure. Concentrations as low as 0.1 ppb have been shown to alter the development of sex characteristics in male frogs. When exposure coincides with the development of the brain and reproductive organs, that timing may be even more critical than the dose. Also of great concern is the potential for atrazine to act synergistically with other pesticides to increase their toxic effects."

So, just in case you missed it, ATRAZINE TURNS MALE FROGS INTO FEMALE FROGS AND VICE VERSA, and its effects are much worse when combined with other pesticides, of which there are hundreds in the Chesapeake Bay, let alone all of our other water...

So, not only is the Chesapeake Bay home to more chicken shit runoff than you can possibly swim through in your lifetime, and home to more than twenty-four nuclear radiation leaks, it's also the a giant well of sexually gene-changing toxic pesticides. Now, what used to be only ocean-dwelling-mutant-mouth-leeching-isopods have been found in it, and people do indeed actually drink this water through wells and through desalination plants (and no, research shows that the plants built decades ago to take out salt or older contaminants are NOT filtering out the pesticides and other new chemicals).

Could water plants filter out tiny isopod larvae? Might these larvae be in the wells of small towns? Might this crazy Barry Levinson film "The Bay" about a town in total ecological chaos due to isopods in the water really happen? Maybe Mr. Levinson knows something we don't...

Thirsty, anyone?

— Maurice

This looks really freaking scary

Ok, this film has been shrouded in mystery since the get-go. First off, Oscar-winner Barry Levinson and the producers of Paranormal Activity?? What from I have gathered, Levinson has a place in the Chesapeake Bay and someone showed him a fish with an isopod in it. When he learned that isopods should not be in brackish water (a mix of fresh and salt water), he started uncovering more and more frightening things about isopods and made a movie about them!

In interviews he’s done for Copper, he says he was originally going to make a documentary, but then he realized that no one really watches documentaries anymore, and he decided to make an ecological horror film to scare the hell out of people.

The filmmakers have been very secretive about this film and seemed to have actually titled it "Isopod" at one point.

I have not seen any images of isopods from the film yet, but am greatly awaiting! The photos I have seen show a woman with an awful rash in an emergency room. She looks frightened and defeated. I have not heard of isopods causing any sort of skin irritation to fish, but sounds like an interesting twist. I suppose a vulnerability in your immune system can lead to lesions such as in AIDS, but this seems like perhaps some dramatic conceit. Perhaps Levinson needed a way to show that something is eating these people from the inside out.

I’m just waiting for that photo of a human missing their tongue!

— Maurice